What if Children Designed Their Own Play Environments?

Research on children's preferences shows that if children designed their own play environments their creations would be completely different to the areas called ‘playgrounds’ that most adults design for them.

Children tell us that they want their outdoor spaces to contain plants, trees, flowers, water, dirt, sand, mud, animals and insects alongside a wide variety of play opportunities. They want natural environments where they can use their imagination and stay and play all day with their friends!

“Children want outdoor spaces inspired by mud, bugs, insects, water and sand".

That's why at E.den we take the same approach. We aim to harness the special nature of the outdoors and stimulate children's senses in a natural setting.

Instead of excavating, ground clearing and flattening your outdoors, we will work with the natural contours of the land to provide a well-designed, well-organised and safe outdoor environment in which children are challenged, yet able to develop at their own pace.

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