Areas of Learning 

Children are instinctively drawn to playing with all the things that nature provides - water, mud, sand, wood...anything they can really get stuck into!  Through the use different learning resources, textures, colours, materials and even sounds, our designs work to stimulate the senses and offer rich learning opportunities.  Let the Eden Play team work with you to make the most of your outdoor area.  The possibilities of what we can create for you are limitless....take a look at some of our products below.....

My Pod


 Climbing, Challenge

& Trim Trail

Role Play, Caves &

Hobbit Houses

Sand Play

Water Play

 Art &


 Communication Space

& Seating

 Forest Schools,

Woodland & Habitat

 Digging, Planting

& Growing

 Construction Areas 

 Sensory Gardens

 Outdoor Classrooms,


& Shelters

 Inclusive Play

 Mud, Sand &

Role Play Kitchens

 Eden Extras